Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Scalable Atomic Visibility with RAMP Transactions

Another angle on distributed consistency with MVCC and different ways to
get it.
Nice to see no dependency on a centralised
statement/commit/log/transaction number oracle.
To me this kind of design aligns better with the physics of the situation.

Now if only MySQL Cluster supported MVCC :)

Tree Indexing on Solid State Drives

Write optimised on-disk tree

The Database State Machine and Group Communication Issues

Thesis inspiring Galera

Consistent Main-Memory Database Federations under,Deferred Disk Writes

No link - it's behind a paywall.

High Performance Transaction Processing in SAP HANA

Great on the details of distributed consistency and local vs global
transactions :

Optimistic Replication

Excellent survey by Saito and Shapiro :

Detecting Causal Relationships in Distributed Computations:,In Search of the Holy Grail

Very impressive companion to Saito's optimistic replication survey

Practical Applications of Triggers and Constraints:,Successes and Lingering Issues